Executive Leadership Team

Triplebar’s leadership team brings the best of business, platform, and product to drive the growth of Triplebar and deliver sustainable solutions for the world

Maria Cho


Veteran business leader with more than 15 years building industry-leading teams 

Biologics expert with unique range of commercial experience, from therapeutics to cosmetics to CRO/CMO 

Business development professional with more than $1B in lifetime sales so far

Entrepreneurial founder of Phage microbiome product company Phi Therapeutics

Triplebar employee

Jeremy Agresti

CTo & Founder

Pioneer of microfluidics in biology

Inventor and author with more than 25 microfluidics-related patents and publications cited more than 7,500 times

Serial entrepreneur whose inventions and patents have formed the basis of products at 10x Genomics, Bio-Rad, Slingshot, Illumina and more

PhD from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK

Shawn Manchester


Inventor of more than 10 syn bio platform and product patents and applications

Full-stack business leader from concept through execution – delivered product improvements have generated >$1B in sales so far

Seasoned product development guru for early-stage businesses with particular understanding of hyper growth and scaleup

PhD from MIT, Chemical Engineering

Extended Leadership Team

Kevin Hoff

Head of Biology

Lucas Frenz

Head of engineering

Simon Prochnik

Head of Data

Accelerate with us

The Triplebar™ Platform has the capabilities to identify unique solutions to today’s problems of scarcity. We are interested in partnering with world class companies to help bring sustainable food and nutrition products, and better biologics to market faster. If you are interested in learning more about our unique pipeline of products, or if you have an asset or idea that could benefit from the unique capabilities of The Triplebar™ Platform connect with us to learn more.