Meet the Microprocessor for Biology

Using the Power of Evolution at Hyperspeed

We've got big problems to solve

Humanity has always been under existential threats to its health and prosperity, but we face new threats of epic proportions brought on by the impact of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and a public health crisis. By 2050, an estimated 9.8 billion people will live on Earth, all sharing the same resources and confronting novel diseases. How will we feed this many people? How will we mitigate disease on a mass scale? How will technology advance quickly enough to solve the problems of the next century and beyond?

Since the discovery of the DNA helix 75 years ago, biotechnology has been used to create innovative products that have helped address some of the major challenges of our time. But as our challenges increase both in severity and frequency, we believe biotechnology is no longer innovating fast enough. We need solutions and we need them now.

industry has tried to solve this deficiency in innovation in three ways

Designing biology

Designing biology shows promise, but designs often fail because we don’t understand the total impact of the design on the biological system, and this makes progress slow.

Increased Testing

When design is slow, scientists rely on increased testing throughput to take more shots on goal. The hope is that more shots will lead to more successes. Liquid handling robotics are a common tool to increase throughput, but this throughput is insufficient. The best liquid handling systems can only process 10,000 samples a day while even the smallest genome has millions of base pairs.

AI and ML

We know AI and ML offer promise but in order for these algorithms to work, they require incredibly large data sets. In biology, these data sets are currently very rare and only tell an incredibly small portion of the story of the design space.

These approaches fall short of what is needed

Evolution, If Given Enough Time, Solves Incredibly Complex Problems

This is the foundation of Triplebar - allow nature to solve the problem by harnessing the power of evolution but running it at hyperspeed.

Evolution is a powerful algorithm that’s already its own product design engine. The problem for humans is that evolution works on geological time. We don’t have eons to solve our problems. But what if we were able to run evolution at hyperspeed?

The Triplebar™ Platform takes the power of evolution and puts the world’s first microprocessor for biology into the palm of your hand. Our Platform is a proprietary integration of hardware, software, biochemistry, and biology with the ability to explore the entire solution space in a day – that’s tens of millions of things tested in a mere 24 hours.

We impact the healthcare and nutrition product ecosystem

Triplebar Creates Abundance to Problems of Scarcity


Healing the world through accelerated biologics discovery

Food and Nutrition

Feeding the world with sustainable and nutritious new foods

The Triplebar™ Platform

Imagine you were able to buy all the lottery tickets in an upcoming drawing. You’d have the winning ticket, but without a method of quickly searching through all the tickets, you might never find the winner. The Triplebar™ Platform allows you to find the winning ticket using our Hyper-Throughput™ Screening system (HyTS). The Hyper-Throughput™ Screening system is solution discovery at the next level, testing millions of potential world-changing solutions in the time it normally takes to search mere thousands. 

Where our expertise ends is where our partnership begins

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