We Demonstrate the power of biology to create products that nourish, heal, and sustain each other and our planet.

Foundational Belief

Harnessing evolution means giving nature the time and space to find complex solutions. Current technology falls far short of the scale required to accelerate this process. The current state of the art is to rely on technology like liquid-handling robotics to look for a 1-in-a-million solution using a method that can only search through thousands of samples. At Triplebar, we measure the effect of billions of mutations. We oversample the genome every day and use this capacity to quickly find solutions to the greatest problems we face.

These are the values that we aspire to in ourselves and colleagues


We’re all responsible for the final product.


No single person or function can deliver a product. We’re all one team.


We act affirmatively and we know our team has our back.


We are open and honest in how we communicate. We want to hear good news and bad news.

Continuous Improvement

We’re all always growing in our careers and ourselves. This means we try new things, even when there’s a risk of failure.

Jobs and Careers

Evolve With Us

We’re looking for amazing individuals with a passion for developing a better tomorrow. If helping to build a transformative company in a vibrant work environment excites you, that excites us.