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Function First Antibody discovery

Triplebar’s Hyper-Throughput™ Screening system (HyTS) brings function forward using The Triplebar™ Platform. With HyTS™, we are able to screen through millions of candidates from both biological and synthetic libraries to find the right antibody with the best profile on an accelerated discovery timeline. This leads to better pharmaceutical solutions with early commercial access.

venn diagram showing the overlap between strong binders and functional abs. The overlap represents the currently accessible space

Function-first screening matters

Traditional Binding-First Approach

  • Biased to strong binders
  • Excludes low-affinity binders that elicit function
  • Includes binders to wrong epitope
  • Searches for “harder” traits when the population is smallest

Triplebar's function first approach

  • Screen directly for functional Abs
  • Include low-affinity binders that elicit function
  • Searches for “harder” traits when library is large
  • Potential for target-agnostic discovery

Our Pipeline

Asset Discovery Lead Optimization PreClin Ph1 Ph2 Ph3
Enzyme 1 (Wound care) Progress
Mab 1 T cell immunomodulation (Colorectal cancer) Progress
Mab 2 T cell immunomodulation (Rheumatoid arthritis) Progress
T Cell Engager (Undisclosed indication) Progress

Accelerate With Us

With our function first discovery platform, we deliver an asset ready for development, scale up, and manufacturing.