Terms & Privacy

Hi there! Because our website has a form and uses a pretty simple cookies, we’d like to explain how and why those things exist.


Our site currently only uses one “cookie” purely for your experience which can’t be disabled. When you land on our website the first time, your browser locally stores a very small “log” of your first visit which then initiates a counter at the top of our homepage which is visible to you anytime you’re browsing our site. This was a little, non-obtrusive technical detail required for the design of our website to work as intended in an effort to explain how fast our product works. To see it in action, venture to the homepage and view the “cells analyzed” ticker in the bottom right corner. We are not able to see this cookie as it is stored locally on your machine and we have no method of tracking it remotely. It is not possible to disable this cookie, but to reset the counter, simply clear your browser cookies. If you don’t agree to this cookie being stored on your computer, you may choose to navigate away from our site. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Privacy policy

We use job application forms hosted by Greenhouse.io on our site to provide a branded experience for job seekers on our own site. Should you submit a job application through our website, we do not sell, market, or otherwise share your personal, employment, or other information externally or for any reason internally other than to effectively facilitate the hiring process. Even then, your information is guarded with confidentiality and with the same discretion we would use to maintain our own internal confidential information. If you’d like to learn more about Greenhouse’s privacy policy, you can read it here.