Meet The Triplebar™ Platform: Accelerating The World’s Transition To Sustainable Bioproducts

Large libraries | Novel Assays | Custom Microfluidics | Benchtop Hardware | Large Data Sets

Four images (from left to right) Cho Cell, fluorescent cells, microfludics chip, benchtop unit

We discover the 1 in a million 10,000x faster.

The Triplebar™ Platform maximizes the intersection of molecular biology, biochemistry, microfluidics, and advanced software. Triplebar’s unique platform exists at the intersection of hosts, assays, hardware, and software. By identifying the need, designing data libraries, screening all permutations, then translating successful solution populations to large datasets for use in AI and ML, Triplebar creates a product design engine to find product solutions to humanity’s existential crises. It’s evolution at hyperspeed.

Introducing The Triplebar™ Platform:
A product design engine running evolution at hyperspeed

How we accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable bioproducts

Identify Products

We identify products that The Triplebar™ Platform is uniquely positioned to create. These products sit at the intersection of high unmet market need and high impact to solve the world’s crises. This means finding better medicine and more sustainable foods to meet the demand of a growing and aging global population.

Create Libraries

We work with a range of industrially proven host organisms and create massive, diverse libraries that probe entire genomes of information. Our Hyper-Throughput ™ Screening system enables us to work with simple, rapid-turn diversity to optimize over many generations quickly, providing solutions that don’t require a mechanistic understanding of the problem. This is part of how we run evolution at hyperspeed.

Screen Millions of Mutations

Our Hyper-Throughput ™ Screening system performs complex assays at thousands per second with the noise characteristics of a liquid handling robot. Our testing program spans 12-orders of magnitude, enabling us to design assays and screen for scale-up. The depth of screening enables identification of rare changes with large gains while the low noise allows us to capture the small changes needed to approach perfection. Once improvements are generated, we use these improved host organisms or molecules as founding populations for the next generation, just like evolution. Unlike other evolution platforms (Automated Lab Evolution or ALE), we don’t rely on growth-based selection, improving fidelity and speed.

Generate Large Scale Datasets

Finally, we generate large scale datasets with enough data to capably inform AI and ML, making our product design the true solution for the future.

Where our expertise ends is where our partnership begins

Do you have gaps in your product portfolio that require an innovative new product or do you have existing assets that could benefit from our platform?